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The NYLT Staff Commitment

In order to put on the best course possible for our participants, it is important for all staff to be in attendance at the Staff Development Sessions (see dates below). We recognize that from time-to-time unforeseeable family or school conflicts occur; but we do ask that each staff member make the NYLT course their number one scouting priority.

Youth Staff Qualifications:

  1. Must have completed an NYLT course.
  2. Have completed Trainer’s EDGE within past two years. (Note: There will be an opportunity to take Trainers’ EDGE if selected to be on staff).
  3. Prefer Youth Staff who have completed their NYLT Commitment Letter and earned their Acorn beads.

Youth and adult staff work together as a team to prepare and conduct the NYLT course. The goal of the staff is to provide the best opportunity to learn effective leadership skills in a setting where the highest ideals of Scouting shine through. Essential to that effort is the fact that staff members use NYLT leadership skills and philosophies themselves, which provides them with an extremely effective means of sharing and leading teams. Staff members model appropriate leadership skills in everything they do, creating a rich learning environment for the youth they are serving and for themselves. Servant leadership is an important NYLT leadership attitude, and it is critical that the staff model a focus on course participants and not on themselves.

Combined Course Interview Dates:

Combined Course Development Dates:

Session 1: Camp Lowden

Session 2: Camp Lowden

Should you be chosen to serve on NYLT Staff, there is a fee to help offset the expenses of the weekends (food, equipment, rentals, shirts, hats, etc.).