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Popcorn sales are a great way for units and Scouts to raise funds for all the activities, programs, membership fees, and adventures throughout the year.


Mark your calendars for June 4th when all will be revealed about the jam-packed Fall Popcorn Sale…REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE
In the meantime, pieces of the puzzle will be revealed…one sneak peek at a time.  

Just how easy is it to have my Unit Sell Popcorn?

Step 1: Sign up your unit to sell popcorn by CLICKING HERE (link coming soon)

Even if your unit had a profile in the Pecatonica system prior you will need to create a new profile, but you will be linked to your unit’s history. View the sign up tutorial video by CLICKING HERE  OR read the PDF instructions by CLICKING HERE!

 Step 2: Attend any location for the Unit Kernel Kickoff! RSVP to a Kickoff  (Coming soon!)
  • Pioneer: (location pending)
  • Sycamore: (location pending)
  • Wanchanagi: (location pending)
  • White Eagle: (location pending)
Step 3: Plan your year!

Need a hand? Use the Unit Program Calculator to help your unit decide what you want to do for the year and the funds needed to make it happen!

Step 4: Invite your Scouts

Once the unit is in the Pecatonica system kernels /leaders can invite the Scouts by setting up Scout seller ID’s.

Step 5: Place your Show & Sell order & schedule storefronts in your local area!

Log into the Pecatonica ordering system and place your Store front sales order.

Step 6: Sell! Sell! Sell!

Scouts can sell popcorn in-person (door-to-door, take to work tents, door hangers, and Show & Sell) or try online for different products!


2024 Popcorn Kernel Guide – Coming Soon

2024 Kickoff Presentation Slides

Will be available shortly after the Full Unit Kernel Training on 8/3

Don’t forget and be sure to register your unit with Pecatonica River by CLICKING HERE!





Council Advisor: Emily Cross

Council Kernel: Cynthia Graf

Pioneer Kernel : Frank Wolf

Sycamore Kernel: Cynthia Graf

Wanchanagi Kernel : Stephanie Urquhart

White Eagle Kernel: Pat O’Brien