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Health & Safety

Safety is the number one priority. Should you suspect a child or adult to be at risk please call the Blackhawk Area Council Office at 815-397-0210 and ask for Emily Cross or Sedrick Robinson.


As part of its “Scouts First” approach to the protection and safety of youth, the BSA has established a dedicated 24-hour helpline to receive reports of known or suspected abuse or behavior that might put a youth at risk. If immediate assistance is needed in the handling of a sexual abuse allegation, contact Scouts First Helpline 1-844-SCOUTS1 (1-844-726-8871)

If someone is at immediate risk of harm, always call 911.


Annual Health and Medical Record

Guide to Safe Scouting

The Guide to Safe Scouting is an overview of Scouting policies and procedures gleaned from a variety of sources. For some items, the policy statements are complete. Unit leaders are expected to review the additional reference material cited prior to conducting such activities.

In situations not specifically covered in this guide, activity planners should evaluate the risk or potential risk of harm, and respond with action plans based on common sense, community standards, the Boy Scout motto, and safety policies and practices commonly prescribed for the activity by experienced providers and practitioners.

Click here to learn more or to download a PDF of the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Click here to learn more or to download a PDF of the Risk Management Guide for Units.

Click here to learn more or to download a PDF of the Four Points of Safe

Aquatics Safety

Since the inception of Scouting, learning to swim and engaging in aquatics activities have been core to the program. More than 1.5 million aquatics-related merit badges have been earned by Scouts BSA since 2009. The BSA has also been a leader in promoting and providing training in aquatics safety.

Click here to learn more or to download a PDF of the Aquatics Safety Resource Materials.

Incident Reporting

The Navigating Incidents Guide for Units is a resource aimed at equipping unit leaders with the necessary tools and steps to effectively respond to unexpected situations within the Boy Scouts of America community.


BSA National Insurance Information

Your yearly membership/registration fee includes insurance coverage by the Boy Scouts of America. Click here for information related to the insurance coverage provided by National BSA.

The Blackhawk Area Council Provides Supplemental Accident Insurance

The Blackhawk Area Council provides accident insurance coverage to all units for all registered youth and all registered adults. This is being provided through your unit’s support of the Family Friends of Scouting funding campaign.

This accident insurance will be in effect from January 1 to December 31, and is provided through Health Special Risk, Inc.

Excess Insurance Plan

The insurance plan is an Excess Insurance Plan meaning that the Plan will pay all those eligible expenses incurred from a covered accident not paid by any other collectible insurance or pre-paid health plan in-force for you or a dependent child. If no other collectible insurance or pre-paid health plans are in effect at the time of the loss, this plan will pay all eligible covered expenses up to the plan limits. There is no deductible under this plan.

If You Need An Order Form For Your Adults…Or a Claim Form…Click here to view details of the plan.

To submit a claim you will need to fill out the claim form and submit to Roman Salamon (Blackhawk Area Council Program Director) for review and authorization signature. Once the authorized form is returned to you, the form and any bills may be submitted by the family to HSR. A fax number and email to submit the form with bills is located at the top of the claims form. Statements / projected bills / summary of coverage are not bills, an should not be sent with the form.

For any questions please contact Roman Salamon: or contact the Council office at 815-397-0210.


Need Proof of Insurance?

Unit Description of Coverage Insurance – This document will show the coverage each unit in Blackhawk Area Council has.

BAC Request form for a Certificate of / Proof of Insurance – If you need a certificate of insurance please complete this form and email it to: