Unit Charter Renewal Information

Unit Charter Renewal Information

Published on September 14th, 2021

If at any time you are experiencing difficulty completing your Charter Renewal, please contact the Council Office at 815.397.0210 and you will be connected with your local staff member for assistance.

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Internet Rechartering

How do we access Online Rechartering?

Internet Advancement

Internet Charter Renewal will be available on October 15, 2021.

Be sure to review the Internet Rechartering User Guide, F.A.Q, and Sample Video

A note about Youth Protection Training:

Blackhawk Area Council’s policy for Youth Protection Training (YPT) requires an adult’s YPT training to be valid for the entire length of a person’s charter at the time of renewal (January 1 – Dec 31).

For example: A leader who took YPT training in April of 2020 would show as YPT compliant until April of 2022. However, for the 2022 calendar year that leader’s Youth Protection Training will expire prior to December of 2022, thus not being Youth Protection trained for the duration of the charter period.  That leader would need to retake YPT training before their charter renewal could be completed. Please note that the online rechartering system will not flag this leader as noncompliant as the system follows the national two-year term.

Is paper rechartering an option?

Yes. If a unit would like to recharter without using the online rechartering system it is possible. Units that choose this option need to reach out to their District Professional.


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