Merit Badge Sponsorship Program

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Why sponsor a merit badge?

Merit badges teach real skills, allowing the Scout to experience the satisfaction of real accomplishment when they complete the badge. Merit badges build confidence in youth by giving them structure to succeed learning and growing.

Moreover, merit badge counselors provide mentorship and positive youth/adult interactions. Youth with positive mentorship experiences have higher rates of success in school and greater social emotional intelligence, leading to more successful adult lives. Your sponsorship helps the Blackhawk Area Council recruit and train qualified merit badge counselors and helps us deliver the Scouting program to area youth. All the funds collected through the Merit Badge Sponsorship remain in the Blackhawk Area Council to serve our local community.

What is a merit badge?

The merit badge program was created by the Boy Scouts of America to spark the interest and imagination of a young person in a particular area. Some merit badges are likely to develop interest in a hobby, some help spark curiosity about a potential career path, and some are focused on the developing Scout and helping them grow into the best version of themselves.

Working with the oversight of an adult mentor (a merit badge counselor), the youth completes all the requirements for a merit badge, after which they are awarded the physical badge recognizing their hard work.
There are two main categories of merit badges —Eagle required and non-Eagle required.

It’s about so much more than dollars!

When you choose to sponsor a merit badge, your organization has the opportunity to give so much more than dollars to the Scouting program. There’s a good chance you are passionate about the skills fostered by the merit badge, and you have a genuine interest in sharing your passion with the young people working on the merit badge.

We love passionate subject matter experts! When your organization sponsors a merit badge, members of your organization have the opportunity to register as merit badge counselors. We recognize that community engagement is a priority for many businesses and organizations, and we’re happy to facilitate that engagement by providing chances for you and your people to volunteer as mentors to our youth by registering as merit badge counselors.

Merit badge counselors register (for free) for a year, are invited to renew their commitment yearly if they would like to continue as merit badge counselors, and agree to take Youth Protection Training, a yearly online training focused on keeping everyone in the Scouting program safe.

What does a sponsorship cost?

There are 3 sponsorship tiers; each level adds unique benefits.
Yearly costs per tier: Silver $1000/Gold $2500/Platinum $5000.
Merit badge sponsorships are a tax deductible charitable contributions.

Interested in becoming a Merit Badge Sponsor?
An investment in character!

For more information, contact Development Director, Alice Roby: or 815-261-0353.