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Professional and Support Staff

All Staff can be reached by calling 815-397-0210

Chief Financial Officer
Stacey Dunphy
815-397-0210 x1006
Program Director
Sean Nadeau
Camp Programs/Reservations, Order of the Arrow, Advancement, Training, Risk Management
815-397-0210 x1009
District Professionals
Matt Ohms
Arrowhead District
815-397-0210 x1003
Tom Eden
White Eagle District
815-397-0210 x1004
Michael Ancheta
Sycamore District
815-397-0210 x1101
Roman Salamon
Wanchanagi District
815-397-0210 x1005
Emily Cross
Wetassa District
815-397-0210 x1017
Accounts Payable
Sherrie Lindsay
815-397-0210 x1008
Lori Prescott
Registration, Eagle Processing
815-397-0210 x1012
Marketing Assistant
Claudia Van Delinder
Marketing Assistant / Courier
815-397-0210 x1007
Jerry Coots
Camp Lowden
Director of Field Service/COO
Emily Cross
Unit Service / Wetassa District
815-397-0210 x1017
Scout Executive/CEO
Sedrick Robinson