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Council Leadership

The governing body is called the “Council”. It is made up of “Chartered Organization Representatives” who represent each partner organization. Also “Members at Large” are elected annually to the Council. The Council meets once a year at its Annual Business Meeting to conduct the business of the corporation and to elect members and officers. Special meetings may be called to handle other business.

Council Executive Board

The Blackhawk Area Council Executive Board is elected annually by the Council members at large and Chartered Organization Representatives.

The Executive Board is the governing body of the council territory, empowered by the council body to act in its stead. It takes action to achieve the purposes of the local council. It establishes the council program, carries out resolutions, establishes and enforces policy and hires a Scout Executive, all according to guidelines of the Council Body.

Among its responsibilities are:

  • Exercises all powers of the council body between meetings of the council. This does not include the authority to change or amend the articles of incorporation.
  • Approves the program and plans of various committees.
  • Selects and employs a council Scout Executive when a vacancy occurs.
  • Approves and administers a budget adequate to achieve the objectives of Scouting.
  • Coordinates and supports the work of districts in various phases of Council Program and works to build strong district organizations.
  • Raises the dollars necessary to carry out a full Scouting Program in the Council.

Council Key 3

  • Council President: Jake Dykstra
  • Council Commissioner: Lance Snider
  • C.E.O / Scout Executive: Sedrick Robinson

Executive Committee

  • Treasurer: Alex Campbell
  • VP Finance Operations: Christopher Carter
  • VP Administration: Jon Krause
  • VP Properties: Todd Wood
  • VP Long Term Mission: Joe Geraghty
  • VP Membership: Tami Richardson
  • Immediate Past President: Dr. Kristoffer Tumilowicz
  • VP Governance: Bill Reilly
  • VP District Operations: Dan Hawkins
  • VP Program: Dan Frommelt

Council Executive Board Members

Each board member is selected because of some skill, experience, or characteristics unique to the individual that matches the current needs of the Blackhawk Area Council.

  • Steve Bauling
  • Lee Binkley
  • James Bussan
  • Alex Campbell
  • Christopher Carter
  • Derek Coleman
  • Michael Deleo
  • Bill Determan
  • Chip Donahue
  • Jake Dykstra
  • Josh Ehlers
  • Bruce Erickson
  • Matthew Ewertowski
  • Shari Fitzgerald
  • Ken Friedrichs
  • Dan Frommelt
  • Mason Gennardo
  • Bob Gingras
  • Cindi Gustafson
  • Dan Hawkins
  • Jef Heckinger
  • Nancy Johnson
  • Jason Jordan
  • Jon Krause
  • John Larson
  • Clint Little
  • Tom Lotito
  • Michael McCleary
  • Bob Menard
  • Chuck Natoli
  • Gene Nott
  • Pat O’Brien
  • Tad Olson
  • Mike Paterson
  • Blair Piotrowski
  • Bill Reilly
  • Tami Richardson
  • Ed Rounds
  • Dave Savone
  • Lance Snider
  • Dave Steffenhagen
  • Kelli Swisher
  • Doug Toepher
  • Manny Torres
  • Dr. Kristoffer Tumilowicz
  • Jason Tyson
  • Chuck Walneck
  • Judi Walneck
  • Ray Warren
  • Todd Wood
  • Carol Zarnstorff

Council Advisory Board Members

The advisory council consists of volunteers who may serve the council upon special assignment, or have been members of the executive board for at least five years who serve in a consulting capacity. Advisory council members can attend executive board meetings and from time to time are called upon by the council president to assist in special projects. Advisory council members have no vote.

  • David Beeson
  • Ed Allen
  • Chad Anderson
  • David Anderson
  • Kyle Baker
  • Dan Banko
  • Dan Bestul
  • Karen Boeger
  • Brent Brodeski
  • Mark Broman
  • Joe Bruscato
  • Jim Clay
  • Rosemary Collins
  • Doran Dockstader
  • John Etter
  • Mike Grebner
  • Barb Inman
  • Nathan Jones
  • Seth Kannarr
  • Don Kinney
  • Alan Lawver
  • John Lichty
  • Paul Logli
  • Bill Mcdaniel
  • Jeff Moritz
  • Myles Newberry
  • Dan Pfluger
  • Phil Reece
  • Alice Roby
  • Sandy Schwartz
  • Msgr William Schwartz
  • Tom Scoville
  • Mary Wantuch
  • Richard Wantuch
  • William Whitcher
  • David Whitehouse
  • Nola Wood
  • Ray Wood
  • Dee Woolf
  • Carol Zarnstorff
  • Greg Zeigler
  • James L Zeigler
  • Marty Zopp