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Wanchanagi District

Wanchanagi District provides the Scouting Program to Boone County, and Winnebago County in Illinois.

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Wanchanagi District Nominating Committee Notice

District Officer Elections will be held during the District Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Council Program Center (7194 Vandiver Road, Rockford). All nominations for officer considerations must be submitted to the Nominating Committee by 5:00 p.m., September 23, 2021.


Nominating Committee Members

Cindy Chiodini

Christine Kochanowski

Tad Olson (Blackhawk Area Council Board representative)

Connie Snyder (Nominating Committee Chair)


Elected Roles Summary

District Chair: An individual of character recognized in the community as outstanding because of achievements as a leader, with recruiting and organizing ability that will inspire confidence and win support and cooperation for Scouting. This individual should be acceptable to the business leaders, the educators, and the religious leadership of the community. The district chair leads the district committee, and initiates, plans, and helps committee chairs carry out the functions of the district. The district chair appoints leaders to specific district committees and roles.

Vice Chair: One or two individuals who have the same qualifications as the district chair. The vice chair assists in ensuring district processes are running smoothly and keeps track of district information.

District Commissioner:  An individual of character and standing in the community with organizing, administrative, and leadership ability. This individual should be a person who can successfully work with the commissioner staff and other Scouters to strengthen the packs, troops, and crews in the district.

The nominating committee, after consultation with the district executive, recommends a district commissioner to the executive board for appointment and commissioning. The district commissioner is an elected member at large of the district.

District Members at Large:  Individuals of character and standing in the community who, because of interest, organization experience, ability, or general knowledge, may be available for service as a chair or member of one of the committees in the district or for service in some special capacity to the district. The incoming district chair appoints the chairs of the various operating committees and other special or ad hoc committees with the approval of the voting members of the district. District members at large are voting members of the district committee. They are nominated by the district nominating committee and are duly elected by the voting members of the district. They may be elected either at the last district annual meeting or during the interim at a regular duly called, monthly district committee meeting.


Nomination Submittal Process

Submit nominations in writing to Blackhawk Area Council office (attn: Wanchanagi District Nominating Committee) or email Connie Snyder at hypbeingmom@yahoo.com, by 5:00 p.m., September 23, 2021.

You must include the following in the nomination:

– Name and contact information of the nominee

– District position recommended for the nominee

– Detailed description of why they should be considered in this position

– Name and contact information of the nominator

Click the links to learn more about your District Leadership and Roundtable.


District Chair Person
Clint Little
District Commissioner
Alice Roby
District Executive
Roman J. Salamon
Funds Development
Cliff Chappell
Family FOS - Family
Friends of Scouting
Popcorn Kernel
Stephanie Urquhart
Special Events
Health and Safety Committee
Marketing Committee
Membership Relationships
Elizabeth Costa
Nominating Committee
Activities and Civic Service
Advancements and Recognition
Connie Snyder
Tanner Elliott
Day Camp Coodinator
Alice Roby
Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor
Aaron Roby
Scouting For Food Coordinator
Religious Emblems Coordinator
MaryAnn Bushaw
Roundtable Commissioner
Heidi Fawcett


Roundtable is a resource meeting for registered leaders to obtain valuable program information they can bring back to their units. Topics and resources covered include: monthly program planning, supplemental trainings, opportunity to network with other leaders, printed materials, and information on upcoming activities and events.

After opening and general announcements the participants break into separate sessions specific to their program area. Cub Scout leaders preview the next months program theme and Scouts BSA and Venturing leaders discuss annually selected topics.

Wanchanagi District Roundtable will meet at the Blackhawk Area Council Program Center located at 7194 Vandiver Rd, Rockford, IL 61108 at 7:00pm on the second Thursday of August and September 2021. A new location will be determined for future dates. .